Heartworm Season is here!

As the temperature grows slowly warmer, so does the risk of your pet contracting heartworm disease.  This deadly disease is easily spread from animal to animal and originates from a mosquito bite.  Not all animals with heartworm disease show clinic signs and therefore your pet could be infected without knowing!  Treatment is costly and can be very hard on the animal.  The good news is that your pet can be protected from this disease with a simple monthly preventative given all year long.  If your pet is not currently on heartworm preventative, please let us know and we will test your pet before starting preventative.  Remember, heartworm disease is still a very real threat to your pet, and has no immediate symptoms, so please don’t ignore the importance of a good preventative.  Give your heartworm prevention, once a month, all year long for the life of your pet!!!  Veterinary Services has a number of heartworm preventatives so please ask which is best for your pet.