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We cannot wait to meet your new puppy and welcome them into our family! Having a puppy can be an amazing experience, but it’s also a very big responsibility. We are here to make sure that your puppy receives the care they need to grow up healthy and strong and that you understand all the needs your puppy will have.

You should bring your new puppy in for an exam as soon as possible to establish good health. Premature and young puppies are susceptible to medical issues as their immune system is not yet fully developed and may be more sensitive to illness. Puppies that have not had adequate medical care prior to adoption or acquisition may have pre-existing conditions that need to be addressed.

Having issues with your new puppy? We have provided some Puppy Articles you may be interested in reading.

Your Puppy’s First Visit

We will need you to bring the health information provided to you by the seller or shelter to your first visit with us. This information should include a previous history of vaccines and deworming. Please bring your puppy on a leash or dog carrier.

During your puppy’s initial visit, we will perform a comprehensive examination and administer the appropriate puppy vaccines. Puppies need a series of vaccinations in their first year of life to protect them from various dangerous, but preventable diseases. We will address any questions you have concerning care for your pet, such as diet and nutrition, behavioral issues, integrating the new puppy into your home, and house training.

Your puppy’s first exam will include:

Signs That Your Puppy Needs Immediate Medical Attention

Please be alert to the following symptoms, which may be signs that your puppy needs immediate care:

Please contact us immediately if your puppy is experiencing any of these symptoms.


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